The NASI-HSN Toolkit, available only to NASI-HSN members, starts off by teaching you how to use the benefits available through the NASI-HSN website, specifically:

  • How to optimize your access to the Insurance Plans contracted with NASI-HSN
  • How to submit claims to those plans through the
    NASI-HSN site
  • How to order HME products at low, NASI-HSN negotiated prices through the site

The major goal of the HSN Toolkit is to offer in-depth training to develop your staff's competency in:

    Supplying HME - Core competency training on each DME product to:
  • Make sure a patient receives the best product for their condition
  • Make sure a patient receives all of the products to support their treatment
  • Make sure a patient receives quality education on the use of the products
    Marketing - Building your reputation as an HME Supplier by:
  • Promoting HME within your pharmacy
  • Letting your current patients know you can fill their needs
  • Reaching out to your medical community

As we describe the optimal marketing program, we will provide templates for you to use in your program. You'll have access to customizable brochures, posters, and other simple promotional pieces. Most importantly for pushing your HME profits, we are working with key manufacturers on fresh planograms for all NASI-HSN members. Every month, we will add state-of-the-art marketing materials and supplier tips to the HSN Toolkit.