Access to New Customers

HSN members pay only $99 per month for access to PPO Networks. HSN Opens Closed Plans to Pharmacies.
We KNOW we have exceeded expectations with this program, and you will be pleased with the results of our work on your behalf. We've contracted with more than 17,000 DME PPO plans, including the largest insurance plans, national companies, and local employers across the US. These plans represent over 88,000,000—yes, million!—PPO-insured lives. If the Insurance Card has one of the PPO Network Logo, and that group has DME Benefits, then you have access.

HSN puts $ in your pocket with above-market rates!

Have any of your reimbursement rates increased over the last few years? Probably not; they are likely going down. Not for HSN members. We have contracted rates that are well above market rates. While this may not be the case for every plan we add, more than 17,000 plans are. That means EXTRA PROFIT for you.